A smooth, safe and highly secure reception.

Your Tenant’s, Visitors and reception team will love BluePoint.

Check out the videos below to get just a glimpse of what is possible.

University of Derby

Using our kiosks, visitors at the University of Derby, check-in quickly and securely to enter the campus through access control gates using their printed visitor pass.

Walkthrough Experience

From a lightning fast QR code check-in to walking right through a secure turnstile, BluePoint covers multiple methods of checking in for your Visitors.

Smart Invite

Inviting Visitors to your Building is incredibly simple and powerful with BluePoint. This video demonstrates just one way of how you invite Visitors securely to your Building.

Email Features

The features and options available to you when sending emails are vast. This video covers just some of the features available to you and your Tenants.

Apple Wallet Integration

BluePoint is fully integrated with Apple Wallet allowing you to send Visitor passes that can be stored securely in their phones. This video will show you some of the other features available with Apple Wallet.