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BluePoint is a next generation Visitor Management solution hosted on the military grade and highly secure cloud platform of Microsoft Windows Azure. It offers access control integration for any vendor and innovative features to make the visitor experience seamless whilst empowering tenants, administrators and management.

Who we work with around the world

Access Control Integration

BluePoint can talk to your on-site access control system using our middleware cloud product Reach. This allows paper passes and visitor invitation emails to open doors and turnstiles, as well as integrate door events into the visitor life-cycle.

What’s more, this integration is vendor independent – BluePoint can interface with any access control system out there.

  • Working paper passes

    Create paper passes that actually work on your turnstiles. ID badges just got smart.

  • Dynamic

    Integrate turnstile events directly into BluePoint, allowing for rich appointment state changes.

  • Synchronise

    Allow continuous synchronisation of Staff (card holders) into BluePoint.

Calendar Integration

We’re all busy people.

We don’t like new processes; we always prefer the path of least resistance. Get your tenants and staff using BluePoint without installing any software or visiting a web site. Our calendar integration system means they simply add the BluePoint email address to their calendar meetings to create a new appointment automatically.

BluePoint will even keep track of changes and advise the site team and tenant reception.

Now that’s handy.

Apple Wallet / Google Pass

BluePoint gives you the ability to include Apple Wallet passes for your visitors, vastly improving their experience of your building.

Passes stored within Apple Wallet/Google Pass apps can automatically appear at the right time or place because they include information based on time or location.

No need to search around for the email or piece of paper with your pass on, let BluePoint and Apple Wallet/Google Pass present your pass to you, ready for your arrival.

Custom Email Invites

Invite, your way. Allowing individual business units or tenants to express themselves through their branded invitation emails is important.
BluePoint supports per tenant email templates designed using our easy to use WYSIWYG editor.

Manage Lost Passes

Staff often forget their site pass requiring temporary passes to be handed out at considerable cost.

Temporary passes also represent a security risk – anyone can use a pass anonymously to access many areas of your site.

Thanks to our Access control integration via Reach, BluePoint can print a QR code based paper pass replacement for your staff, while recording metrics of who forgot their pass and why.

Printing a thermal paper pass is far more cost effective then re-issuing a permanent pass, offering a potential cost saving of hundreds of pounds per month.

Our Access Control Partners

Multi-Tenant Ready

Does your site have tenants, each with its own reception?

Each BluePoint site features a hierarchical security model; tenant receptions see notifications for their visitors as they check-in at the front desk and can view and edit appointments created by staff in their tenancy.

All Tenant staff can easily invite their own Visitors either via the web interface or from any device with a standard calendar interface.

Smart Kiosk

We don’t like queuing.

Our Smart Kiosk system allows your visitors to check-in using their own smartphone and PIN code – without the need for any application installation. All they need is an internet connection and a QR reader app.

Each of your visitors have their own Kiosk in their pocket, completely eliminating queues and improving confidentiality.

2-Way Host Notifications

BluePoint can send an optional email or SMS to hosts when your visitors arrive on site but we also believe that feedback for the Visitor is also vital in this experience.

To that end, we allow the Host to reply with their estimated time of arrival, immediately pushed back to the visitor’s phone (Smart Kiosk) or the Reception team, enhancing the experience for your visitors and keeping impatient levels to a minimum.

Training From The Experts

Reception Academy now provide BluePoint training with several options available to suit your requirements.

Choices vary from several hours at your site, to a dedicated Visitor Management experience at their offices in London over a whole day.

Google Cloud Printing

BluePoint supports printing to any cloud connected printer, using Google Cloud printing.
This allows you to print a working paper pass from the Visitors own smartphone as part of the Smart Kiosk check-in process – without installing a single thing.

Designed and Built for Multi-Tenant Buildings

Keep Informed

Many parties get involved in the visitor process; staff, office administrators, tenant reception teams and site team receptionists.

BluePoint ensures everyone’s kept in the loop without compromising on security.

  • Host Notifications

    When one of your hosts creates or edits an appointment BluePoint pushes notifications to personnel further up the site hierarchy

  • Visitor Notifications

    When a visitor enters the site, check-ins, passes through a turnstile, you can choose to be informed via BluePoint notifications.

  • Custom Rules

    Create notification rules; watch for individuals (VIPs or Blacklists) and notify site members; tenant reception teams or hosts.

We’re Enterprise Ready

Your VMS is central to your visitor management and staff entry processes.

It’s important you know it’s supported professionally. We provide enterprise level support plans, one to one community support teams, engagement into our development pipeline and administration support services.

It’s important you have an active, accurate list of Hosts. You can plug your HR processes straight into BluePoint using our Web API, or synchronise staff directly from your access control.

Cloud Hosted

BluePoint is hosted on Microsoft’s highly robust and secure Windows Azure platform. There’s no better place to deliver unparalleled availability and scalability, meaning BluePoint is always there when you need it most.

Other features


Widget based dashboard to allow you to keep informed during the day. Quickly analyse the hours ahead and plan staffing accordingly

Per-Tenant Email Templates

Allow your tenants direct access to their own custom email templates. They can choose from their own branding as well as custom pin codes and QR codes.

Paper Pass Printing

We allow you to customise your visitor and lost pass designs. Not only do our paper passes work on your turnstiles, they look great too!

CSV Import

BluePoint allows you to import visitors and hosts from bulk formats, such as comma separated files. Vastly reducing the amount of time to create appointments.


All of the great life-cycle metrics collected by BluePoint wouldn’t mean much if we couldn’t report on them.

Single Sign On

If you don’t want to create a BluePoint account and password, you don’t have to. Sign in with your Google or LinkedIn account with Active Directory integration coming soon.


There’s a lot going on in BluePoint. We help you cut through the data with our great search functionality.


BluePoint can display different language content based on user preferences; UK English, French, Spanish, German and more on demand.


You can add any number of sites you like to your Subscription, allowing you to administer across your estate.

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